(Xinhua) -- About 56.8 million U.S. consumers, or 20 percent of the U.S. population ages 6 and older, have played a game on a social network in the past three months, market rese.

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er the genocide, which killed some 800,000 to 1,000,000 million Tutsis and moderate Hutus during 100 days of slaughter, Mugesara fled the country. He settled quietly in Canada an.

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nt Barack Obama Saturday urged Congress to pass the administration's stalled jobs plan to speed up U.S. economic growth and reduce the widening income gap. Obama cited a latest Co.

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involving the ministry's partnerships with NGOs. The minister stepped down two weeks later. In the past 10 months, six of President Rousseff's ministers have resigned, five of the.

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bers, which also have equal voting power. The financial institution will be authorized to finance projects in the private and public sectors, and participate in public-private part.

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urder rate in 2009, despite the government's reinforcement of army and police to the city, where mobsters were widely seen as having overpowered municipal and state authorities. Th .

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00 GMT) in more than 50 cities across the nation. Many protesters came clad in white clothes, chanting slogans demanding the release of all hostages, ten days after the rebel grou.

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ts to follow the model of an independent economic, political and social country, to appeal to the spirit of brotherhood, unity and respect, and to continue working together with .

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d States. These measures were opposed by business groups and civil rights organizations, as well as the Obama administration. "The state's licensing provisions fall squarely within.

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